My Very Own Dinosaur...

One of the mums at Playgroup today kindly gave this Dorothy the Dinosaur PJs to Millie. Problem was, she spied them at around 1230 this arvo - and wanted to wear it - and has been wandering around the yard in it. I did however, manage to get her to have a bath without it on - which I think was a great accomplishment on my behalf... Millie REALLY does love Do-Di and I couldn't resist posting these pics because she is just soooo darn cute! As for the little stuffed Do-Di - well that goes everywhere with her now - and if Gypsie happens to run off with it? Well even the neighbors 4 doors down get to hear about it!!!


  1. we love little dorothy..she is too cute...evy went up on stage at a wiggles concert once~we had bought some homemade flowers for dorothy and andrew spotted her and hoisted her up on stage ..it was awesome..i had no camera,but the stranger next to me took a pic and sent it too me..i was so stoked...now where is that photo i really should scrap it!

  2. What a doll!!!! Give us more.