Ok - last of the wand shots. That circle in the wand just begs to be stared through - I think I play with it more than Millie! Have a new link to a friend's site - 'Tiddlypeep' - check out her blog, she's an awesome scrapper - but an artist in her own right. It's so nice to be surrounded by inspiring and talented people - I'm hoping some of it will rub off on me!

Very hard to find time to scrap these days. When Millie's asleep, I just want to spend quality time with Toby! And now they're both asleep, I just want to sleep as well! Anyway - a cj arrived in the mail today, so will at least have something to upload for you soon. Have a great day! Love Me x ps - am I suffering from an overuse of the exclamation mark?!

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