Days 28 and 29

Here are my photos for the portrait challenge for yesterday and today - sorry I missed yesterday! Taken with my two little angels, the second is to show our friends in Switzerland the lovely T-shirt which now fits Moo and was a gift from them when she was born. It's so nice to be able to bring out new things all the time - thanks Cristina and Phillip! May finish off a cj today, although am stealing moments to power read HP (which for me is still quite slow). However, I do want it to snail mail tomorrow and also have something to post tonight of the scrap kind. Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great day. Love Me x


  1. awwww sHe is still such a little one donna..
    great pics..aint it great to share your life with loved ones around the world..nice pics...wish you were continuing!

  2. babe is a growing - but not too fast though -- liking the cuddles still i bet -- I like your photos, you will have to chuck together some layouts with them soon they must be stockpiling on you now. Yes i know i said chuck together - but you know that you can do it.
    have a fun day