Day 13 Photo Challenge

This is me with Jubilee - Millie's first Teddy. I found him in a gorgeous teddy shop in Canberra - hi to any Canberrans stopping by!!! Mac thought it was a stupid name , but I love it because it reminds me of how I felt having our first bub - jubilation! The reason for taking a photo with Jubilee? Gypsie our Jug puppy decided to run through the house with him, I resued him from a fate worse than death (dog slobber) and decided he'd be my next prop. Hoping to finish the next lot of recipe cards today... Oh and btw - Scrapwitch has joined in the 'Photo Phun' so click on her link and check them out too. Thanks for stopping by, luv Me x

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  1. love your prop donna...im sure ill be finding lots of props too..im off to work now...yuck a ten hour shift...see you later chicky..thanks for giving tracy my number...we had a great chat