Day 11 Portrait Challenge

This isn't much of a challenge really - who am I kidding? I'm semi-struggling to get these in each day for the month - wow to those of you doing it for a whole year! I'd love to see what else Pip pulls out of the dress-up box. Pirate hats -tick! Wig - tick! Maids costume??? :) Perhaps on day 365... Anyway - just getting down and dirty with my floor and seeing what the view is like when Millie eats off it...


  1. how clean is it donna???looks sparkling to me..love this challenge...took pics but their lAME

  2. Maid's costume ... I'm thinking not. A friend of mine, Brenda, dressed up in her seven year old son's batman suit. I would be so worried that I would be stuck in it forever!
    I am really enjoying your photos, don't you dare quit now. Raid your kids' dress up box, husband's wardrobe, or just be yourself!