You Be The Judge

This is my attempt at doing simple layouts! It really is alot harder than it looks - with a box full of embellishments, it's hard to pull back and say no to all those yummy things inside! But I think it's true, that sometimes less really is more. What do you think?
ps: that little stamp on the first one apparently says 'love'. Can anyone tell me if I've got it the right way up?!!


  1. They are both GORGEOUS... but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2nd (red) one! Gotta love a boy who appreciates fine footwear! LOL ;) I need a close up of teh stamp... can't tell... it looks like it says PaIN (tilt your head to the left) to me! LOL ;)

  2. sweet and simple works for me donski....dont listen to ANNE MARIE...im sure it says power!

  3. Gorgeous LOs Donna....go Toby! PMSL!
    And isn't that the most gorgeous photo of miss Moo!
    Only 5 weeks until we come up for a visit! YAY!
    We are going to have to have a scrap session!

  4. "Can I please play too?" she asked in her sweetest voice.... and if that don't work I'm gonna GATE CRASH!!! ;) Might be up that way during school hols... LOVE to scrap with you and Melis ???? Maybe? Could be? oh and LOL @ Lisa!!!! hehehe ;)

  5. Tag... you are on! I will get in touch in a couple of weeks... ummmm do you have an email? I know... I will pm you MY email on the SM forum... do you still pop in there occasionally?

  6. absolutely love your work Donna! whether they are simple or more complex, you have such great focus and balance in them!

    thanks for sharing!