My Gorgeous Girl

Hi everyone - sorry about the radio silence - have been a bit busy of late. Went away last weekend for three days to my bro's holiday house in Lancelin which was a long overdue break from renovating. Haven't done much scrapping this week either - so not much to report on that front. So thought I'd show off some pics recently taken of my gorgeous girl eating her banana smoothie icecream - doesn't she just shine! This is Miss Moo when asked to "smile for mumy!"

She really cracks me up sometimes! Hope you're having a great week wherever youa re. Thanks for stopping by, and I'll try to not make it so long between drinks next time! X Me


  1. omg plz plz plz you just have to let me scrap tose pictures shes adorable plz plz im a friend of scrapwitch i just have to scrap that beautiful girl plz

  2. hey id love you to send me the un reduced pictures so they have a better quality if you have reduced them plz thanks so much for letting me

    lov g

  3. That bottom pic is sooooo gorgeous, and soooooo Miss Moo!!!! You should enter that in the "Smile" comp running at the local shopping centres!!!!!!

    Yona xx

  4. she is so growing up way to fast miss donski,how can this be... way too cute though.. look forward to checking out your banana smoothie layout.
    take care