My Everyday Life Continued...

Hi! Just finished off the latest for my family journal - in record time too! And, as such, they're not exactly magazine standard - on the contrary - quite rushed and pretty much used little thought at all - BUT, I love them! They record things I know I'd forget in time - the seemingly unimportant things, which are really the most important. And thanks to Ros for the little prompt! Thanks so much for stopping by - perhaps I'll have some 'real' scrapping up very soon! Luv Me x


  1. you've done some beautiful stuff here donski....yum - and it is real scrappin'- whats with that saying ....chat with ya soon ...be a good girl and keep up your fab style - totally diggin it!

  2. I love your work Donna, and about my camera, Canon 400D, twin lens pack. Got it from Good Guys in Rocky, about $300 cheaper than HN.

    Same camera as Mel and Lisa. Love it.