I See...

My latest LO - thanks mostly to Tiddlypeep for the beautiful fabric and ribbons - you're a legend! Thanks for stopping by, luv Me x


  1. omg...this layout is freaking awesome donna...aint it great to do full layouts occasionally

    your dailys are delightful
    soory i havent been around..im just so tired and rundown..and have been getting into bed early..
    i just havent looked after myself very well, and now i have to suffer..
    oh well enough of that
    love your work babe..when are we going to book a holiday together????

  2. Made it at last Don, This dial up is a pain. Love your site and especially the photos of the kids. You are very clever and must take after your Mum. I will be looking forward to checking every day when I get my wireless back on line. MEH