My Everyday Life Con't...

Hello! Here's a few recent pages from my journal. I especially LOVE this photo of Millie with her hair up and smiling - all dressed up and ready for a party. Probably because it's soooo unusual! She's normally sporting a wild 'do' and little or no clothing and never looking at the camera - looking for the most part like a ferral fairy! Here - she's all the little girl! As you can see from the others - no masterpieces (the 's' stuck on the side of Fairy Legs is a bit slack!) but all the little things which make my life shine. Thanks for stopping by, luv Me x


  1. Donna I sooooo love these little insights to your life...your kids are going to look back over these journals and love them!

  2. too beautiful - you are creating some beautiful memories at the moment- and hello-- i got your message -- and was loverly to here from you...will have to send your stamps on monday my love - mwah