Tina's Random Photo Challenge!

This is one I did for a challenge over at Life Love Paper (check out her link in my list). It was to scrap those random photos that wouldn't normally end up in an album or ever get scrapped. Ever wondered how our little people look at the world? Just give them a camera and you'd find out - I did! These are Millie's first shots taken on my camera. Except, the camera was a wee bit too heavy for her and it kept taking a nose dive each time she went to depress the button, hence me having to ly on the ground to get into the picture! But-none the less, they're her shots, taken totally by her. I just love them! I especially love the one of her baby toes - so sweet. Thanks for stopping by, luv Me x


  1. this is so wonderful! I love the baby toes too....so darn cute!!
    Thanks for taking me on my challenge!

  2. i LOVE it! i'm going to have to let my 20 month, my 4 yr and my 5 yr try it!

  3. now i just have to say that i totally adore this layout soooooooooo much ..its brilliant..i love the down low look to it,the random photos and the overall feel to this one donna...
    oh did you get that i like this layout