Moo and Happy Jack Photos

Hi there! Yes, I know I have been quite slack lately, but I'm trying out a new concept - getting to bed early so I can get some sleep, and it's actually not so bad! I've also started back with an old favourite - excercise... Knew it couldn't last forever, so am trying to make some lifestyle changes. The old breastfeeding advice about 'don't worry the weight will just fall off you; is such c#%p! So - I've managed to run to the grid and back which is 2.5 kms. In light of my bro running the world ironman championships it's pitifull, I know, but I gotta start somewhere! Anyway, here's a few random photos taken over the last couple of weeks just to keep those of you who know us up to date. The selection includes Toby's first solids - pumpkin, Millie feeding a rehabilitated roo, her birthday present from us-a trampoline (we gave it to her early - best spent money ever) patting a python, cooling down on a hot day with Gypsie (btw it was 43 here today...) and my little man in a big man's shirt! Thanks for stopping by. Oh - went to Barcaldine for a day trip on Sat and found a stash of yummy PP's so will be scrappin over the next week and hopefully have lots more to show very soon! Luv Me x


  1. love your shots donna...43 thats so hot...i dispise summer and wish i could fly south for the winter

    love millie in the tub ,and your little rainbow baby

  2. i adore those pics! especially the one in the tub. your kids are simply adorable!