Yay - I Did It!

FINALLY! I managed to get the header image to load. Don't ask me what went wrong - but I found a forum where someone suggested this particular edit to the HTML code, and as you can see - magic! Aaaahhhh... I think I'll just stare at it for a little while longer :)

On the home front, Mr 'I'm-2-and-I'm-in-denial-about-it' had a great time last night with all his cousins, aunty and uncle over for dinner ( he didn't want us to sing him the happy birthday song, or open his presents and shook his head when asked if he was turning 2!)
And of course - we all know that birthdays are all about the cake aren't they? Well for this little guy, who is never EVER without a train in his hand, and for whom his first word spoken was 'Babelle' (as in Thomas the Tank Engine's coach 'Clarabel') it just went without saying really...

Here's a family shot - well except the very sneaky Mumma who so graciously offered to take the photo. And as for the wierdo drop-in on my right, I have absolutely no idea who that is...

So, I'm a happy little blogger now and can spend my time doing more useful things like painting and creating rather than trying to wrap my head around HTML! Hope your weekend is turning into something special. Thanks for stopping by, X Me


  1. Hi Don, What a great cake. You clever little cookie????? I honestly did not recognise the man on the right for a while. Silly me. Glad to hear about your blog sorting itself out. ME

  2. Love the cake Donna - and like your new header too - glad you finally got it sorted.
    What do they say - you can't pick your rellies?? Mr Bean springs to mind for some reason.
    Love, Yona xx

  3. Great birthday cake - I bet it didn't last long!

    Your header looks fantastic! HTML is the challenge we must all face with gritted teeth (Grr), if we want to be bloggers. Well done!