Had Enough!

I have tried absolutely everything o fix this header problem - clearing caches, editing HTML - the lot! So I may be shifting to a new blog soon, I'm seriously considering it... Anyway - here's the girl I posted a little while ago - finished, but not a favourite. But I'm putting this stuff up because showing my art, whether I think it's worthy of it or not is very therapeutic. Because it's not about whether or not people like it really, it's about doing the art and being proud of it because it's a reflection of me - a piece of me. And if I continually bag my own creations then I'm bagging me - and, well, then there's just no point in doing it at all - is there! It is about being a bit vulnerable, wearing your heart open and being 'out there' for others to see, and comment and like, or hate. But in doing so - there's a freedom that I get, and a definite feeling of being authentically me (this is a buzz word lately in books I've been reading - finding my authentic self) - and a 'bugger-what-people-think' kind of feeling which is quite like a fresh sea breeze on your face. So anyway - here she is...

Thanks for stopping by, X Me


  1. I really like the color you chose for her eyes!

    Maybe instead of completely starting a new blog you could contact one of the blogger admins first. There are lots of people on the staff I have found to be very helpful.

  2. Frustrating! Wordpress is not bad - I'm playing with a new blog there myself, just to see how it goes, although I've not had problems with blogger (touch wood!)

    The colours in this painting are wonderful and I love the surrounding black lines.

    Don't stop posting your paintings - I love them!!

  3. the authentic you is deeply talented. Nice work.