10 Things We Love About Norma

Well I've finally finished it! This is a paper bag journal I've put together for Mac's mum-Norma who has recently undergone major back surgery and is in hospital for three weeks recovering. It's filled with comments about what we love about her, and also lots of photos of the grandies to help cheer her up-as well as some beautiful shots of the Kimberley taken by Mac last year.

Thanks to Emily Falconbridge - I was inspired by the journal she put together for her dad for Father's Day. Hope you like it! (I hope Norma likes it!)


  1. this is totally gorgeous donna..your mil is just going to love it i'm sure...great job.beautifully done ..when does she get it...postal????

  2. OMG...this is completely frigin amazing! She will adore it!

  3. woweeeeee---- i knew you would do an outstanding job of this -- totally awesome -- -but i knew it would be -- you rock girlfriend ---