The Busiest Weekend...

Well this past weekend I had planned to get some scrapping done. I've got two projects I'm desperate to finish - one is a canvas for my god-daughter Rhiannon's birthday (I'm late by about 3 weeks...) and the other is a get well journal for Mac's mum who has recently undergone major back surgery and is laid up for 3 weeks in hospital.

But instead we were gardening all weekend - which is a nice trade-off as I love that too. We managed to complete the veggie garden - retic, mulch and all with spinach, zuccini, baby broccoli, broccoli, snow peas; cherrie, Roma and Grosse Lisse tomatoes, coriander, rosemary and oregano. Oh, and not to mention marigolds!

We also have the chook yard almost finished as well. Mac is just waiting on a guy with a post hole digger to dig the holes for the door to go in, and then it's ready for fluffy friends - yeah!!!

I also finished the flower garden which will be nice as it's at the very end of the driveway - it's got lavender, marigolds and petunias. This is exciting for me because it's the first time - ever (and I'm 35) I've had my very own garden.

We also managed to get ten red flowering poincianas in along the driveway - and are waiting for another 8 to complete the avenue, and 8 of the most beautiful bogainvilleas (sp?) as a screen down the side of the driveway near the shed. I can't wait to see it in about 5 years - it should all be a mass of colour! Now today it has started raining again - which is perfect timing after all that planting!

And finally, Introducing...GYPSIE JUG!

To close off a very busy and productive weekend, I picked up our new addition - Gypsie the Jug puppy. A jug is a hybrid breed crossed between a Jack Russel and a Pug - true story, you can google it if you like! She's very cute, not toilet trained and full of beans, but Kunjie and her had a great run around this morning and burnt off heaps of energy. Hopefully she settles down a bit though in the coming weeks!

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  1. Gorgeous puppy and the garden will look great! I get lots of fabrics from equilter.com and fatquartershop.com.