Number One!

Well I can't believe it - I have actually caved in to the pressure and set up my very own blogg (thanks Witchy!) I hope it will be a way for friends and family across the country to keep up with the latest and greatest in what's happening with the Jensen mob and also a way to get some of my creative mojo 'out there' into cyber world.
I've called my blog 'Here For the Living' which is taken from the lyrics of a Waifs song - Take it in. For those of you who don't know it - get it, and those of you who do will know it was written about Broome - my old home town. So, apart from relating totally to the words - I do believe that life only happens once. You only get one crack at this crazy world and I for one am here for the living of it, and squeezing the life out of every moment - I'm here for the living of it, and living it to the full!

This week the postie delivered a gorgeous gift for our newest addition Toby. Anne - what an angel you are - thank you so much for such a kind and thoughtful gift - you rock! I just wanted to show off a couple of your beautiful pieces, hope you don't mind!

And another...

And another!

And just one more...

I'm still amazed! People like Anne (whom I've never actually met in person) really renew my faith in humankind. I hope it comes back around for you Anne!
I look forward to sharing life, art and stuff with you all. Check in from time to time and see how we're going. Leave a message or three and wish me luck as I dive headlong into the 21st century! Here I come cyber world - Giddy Up!


  1. wooooo hooooo your blog looks great donski...i'm loving that title...gotta love the Waifs..and i want to go to Broome.NOW.....
    what gorgeous amazing layouts donna.what a wonderful gift for you and baby Toby..each one stunning...how delightful babe..
    another package coming next week.
    its been posted ..dont forget to add my link ...if you want to do that babe...ROCK ON DREAM ON SCRAP ON

  2. What gorgeous layouts! I think you have the boxes around your photos - the colour of the boxes changes depending on what blogger template you use I think. Email me if you have more questions.
    twolittlebanshees (at) hotmail.com

  3. wow -- i found ya -- and looksie at what u have -- somebody has been extra speshial to you -- love those layouts what a great start to toby's albums -- catch ya on the rebound