Veiled Flight

here's the latest from my studio...  It is a pice inspired (again) by the gorgeous seed pods of the Kapoc tree...  I'm getting so much out of exploring layering  and various techniques and textures...  Although this would look great in my kitchen/dining room, i will put it up for sale...  If it's one thing i've come to realise, it's that in letting go, we make room for more.  For more ideas, for new ideas, for growth and forward movement.  Although i do have favourites, i also love to see them go to someone who has fallen in love with it.  When the painting chooses a person, you cant stand in the way!  And i enjoy knowing that my heart remains wide open for more, more , more!
x donna


  1. Beautiful work, love the bright colors and how it all goes so well together. Also love the contrast of definite shapes and lines with the free and drippy parts :)

  2. I found your blog today, and I'm so glad I did!! Amazing work, and your blog is so inspiring!

  3. Dear Donna, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this piece. It is really gorgeous and unique. Out of curiosity, what is the price? I am in awe of your new venture and even a little envious... I used to love art but buried that side of my brain when I decided on engineering as a career path. I hope you, Mack and the kids are doing well. Grant and I still remember our amazing squid dinner with you guys on our Broome adventure.
    Much love, your old friend, Louise Burr xx (glburr@gmail.com)