LA to Ground Zero in 26 days. Remembering the fallen...

18 Firefighters. 26 days. 7392km. LA to Ground Zero New York

23 Feb 10 19:44 PM

Posted by Bradley Hosking for the CHILDREN'S BURN UNIT - PMH

Well I guess it's just not fair asking for your money without somehow doing something to earn it. So with this in mind and keeping with the whole 'Firefighter' theme, I've set myself a challenge to run the entire Busselton half Ironman run leg in 2/3rd's turn out kit and full BA (breathing aparatus) The set I will be using is the MSA BD-96 compressed air (not oxygen) BA set. It weighs approx 16kg and supplies air on a demand basis. The set will be on display and available to try on at the 'Tour Of Duty' tent we will have set up at the expo. So get on down try it on and make a donation per kg of extra weight I will be lugging around that course. Go a step further and enter the sweep to determine my overall run time with the winning time taking home a 30% share in the overall takings!!! So the more people that take a punt, the bigger the winnings and the more the PMH burns foundation benefits. Everyoners a winner baby! See you at Busso.
Ed: at the time of posting this, we find ourselves being torn - our brothers and sisters in Haiti especially have called on us for financial support.  But every dollar counts.  Be sure to watch out later in the year as Mel and Kochie follow this awesome event on morning sunrise - as we all band together to remember the sacrifices made on Sep 11...
PLEASE - could you forward this on to your family and friends.  Lets make a difference
X Donna

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