Painting BIG!!!

wow!  I've finally completed my first really big (well for me anyway) canvas!  It measures about 1 m x 80cm.  It is a hwole new feeling and experience to go big - to get the whole arm moving as marks are made.  And now i think i'm definitely hooked!  I think the key would be to have a few on the go at the same time as i wasted time during the drying process for some of the layers where i could have switched over to another.  Lessons learnt...
I'm thinking of purchasing some type of flip camera - to tape my painting perhaps and load up here to the site.  If you have any experience with this i'd love to hear from you, esp regarding brand names/capacity and things to watch out for.  I'm researching the net of course, but experience is golden :)
I've so much to say - have been reading some great books recently about starting out in business, and running a business on the net.  But I'll have to wait until i'm not running out the door to do my errands.  Just wanted to share my latest with you.  so what do you think?  Honestly!!!

x don


  1. Wonderful. I can only begin to imagine what it must look like in real life. Awesome!

  2. It's wonderful Don! I haven't visited your site for awhile but you are really coming into yourself as an artist. All your latest work is very vibrant and so unique!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself! I love the joy in your work – such great color and texture. In answer to your question, yes, I've read all of Danny Gregory's books. It was his books Every Day Matters and An Illustrated life that made me dust off my sketchbook.

  4. It's awesome. I love painting big. So fun!

  5. A "WOW" from here as well. What an impressive and energetic painting. Well Done!

    Thank you for the comments to my mushroom drawing. It is always nice to connect with our local artist. Looking forward to visit your new website and wishing you all the best with the new business venture.

  6. Hola Donna!!! Muchas gracias por tu visita a mi blog!!!
    Que bellas tus pinturas, que coloridas y alegres, además me gusta mucho la tecnica que usas!!! Hermoso todo, te felicito!!!
    Eres una gran artista!!!
    Seguiré visitandote
    Un abrazo


  7. Hi Donna...Love the painting! Especially that nor west earthly dust colour, you've brought that out so well. Leighton