My First Landscape

i have a canvas that is over two meters in length and only 43 cm wide!  When i saw it at Jacksons, i just decided that i needed the challenge!  You may have seen the videos i posted a few days ago now where i actually started by dripping paint all over it?  well this is what i came up with today - well, snapshots of it anyway!  I had one of those sessions where i just got lost in the creative vortex.  i got sucked in to that place where time stands still and my muse directed my brush and it all came together with a freedom i rarely engage in...  it's not quite finished yet.  not quite, but almost.  I hope to have it completed by tomorrow night.  Actually I had plans to complete it tonight, but one of the peeps woke up crying with a sore ear, so i was needed for some serious cuddle-therapy...  anyway, let's hope i manage a miracle tomorrow! 
and here's a bit of video to show a section of the process.  I only have one mp3 song - sorry!  so you get to hear it a few times!  I must download a few more for next time. 
 (musical credit goes to Lisa Hannigan, An Ocean and a Rock)

have a  great weekend wherever you are
x donna

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