Photoshop Action and my Booty!!!

just playing with some photoshop actions... i'm sure the purists amongst you will be tsk-tsking a disappointed glance in my direction with the mention of it.  But when one has the desire for such things, but not the time, i'm telling you, I for one am a convert.  At the click of a button, an average photo can become sharper, lighter, pop with colour, black and white, vintage or sport a nostalgic honey glaze...  These ones here are almost black and white, but with a hint of cinamon - just a suggestion of colour and i love it.  The original was way too pink for me.  Something also happens to my photos when i rotate them from lanscape to portrait - the pinks suddenly become almost fluorescent, so it was nice to bring them down a notch or two!

and more happy news today...  look what arrived by courier for me today!  The bookmarks - yay!!!  I'm very impressed with their quality and everyone's turned out fabulously.  That's my birdie on the left pile and some of the others' on the right.  And i also received four absolutely beautiful hard-cover coffee table books which i can't wait to devour.  Even from a quick flick I can tell I am going to find some inspiration within their pages.

This one is all about Indian textiles - yummmmm
and look at this space!  I now have a new dream corner for my dream home - a place to catch the rays and read - pick a spot, anyspot...

well, i hope you're gearing up for a relaxing weekend with the ones you love.  Don't forget to make a mark on the world!
x me


  1. Lovely photos of Miss M Donna. Photoshop is fabulous, I use it all the time but still have lots to learn. Its great to see your birdie on the bookmarks, must be thrilling for you and so nice to get such a large royal mail parcel. Good to have new books to use the bookmarks in! Have a great weekend! x Ciara

  2. Oh cool ... love the pics of Miss Moo in her favourite leotard and tights! :-)
    Save me a birdie bookmark ... pretty please!!!
    Love, Yona x

  3. The way people apply photoshop actions is art and and of its self! The booty bag looks oh so fun!