At My Studio

You may remember a couple of weeks ago Tash Tapper came and took some photos of me working in the studio?  well the main reason for that is to have some noice (that's kath and kim for 'nice') ones to perhaps use in my new site.  Well congrats to Tash for having little baby Scarlett, and for also managing to put together the photos from the day onto disc for me.  Here's a sampling of some of my faves - great job don't you think? 

And what are you up to in your studio today?  I continue to struggle with the life/balance thing - being a mum to two little ones and finding time to paint... Do you have the same problem?  I wish i was posting more about my paintings and new techniques etc, but at the moment i'm either being mum, or feeling wasted on the couch at the end of the day!!!  ahhhh - soon!  I promise (myself) soon...

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