Fond memories...

here 'tis!  my first painting on paper, and i had such fun watching this piece evolve.  It was inspired by the seed pods from the african mahogony tree which grows really well especially in the kimberly region...  Its shady canopy provides relief on hot days in places where the natural flora is low.  I planted one of these trees in my back yard in halls creek many years ago - it was a bare gravel yard with a few stringy eucalypts along the back fence.  over the years, whenever i drove past that house on my way from Broome to Kununurra I'd see it as it grew over the height of the fence and past the roof top to give a wonderful shade to the house and yard...  I can't wait to see this one framed, i just love it!
what are you up to in your creative space tonight?
x donna

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