Mahogony Inspiration...

here's a sneak peek at something i'm working on at the moment.  I'm so enjoying this piece that i hardly want it to end!  I'm loving the layers, the bits peeping through, the suggestions of something else - not quite visible but there in the background.  i loved the drippy ink stage at the beginning and how it inspired me to delve further.  i just really love it!  I think i'll definitely have to explore this further. Now to name it.  I've never had to name something abstract - this will be fun!  i hope you enjoyed your peek!

have a great weekend,
x donna


  1. Very nice... I love your style!!

  2. Very beautiful colors...I especially love that drippy green part in the last phoot, hiding behind...it's so interesting!

  3. love it Donna, keep up the good work, also the video is fantastic a great way to see your talent run. Very interesting!

    Camille xxxxx

  4. Just gorgeous, I love your use of oclours and the leafy/pod style. Can't wait to see it once finished. Havea great weekend!

  5. This makes me hunger for spring! I LOVE it and LOVE the colors!