drippy drippy love paper

so here's my next project!  I've bought some really lovely yummy, heavy watercolour type paper to do my next piece on.  I really love the look of a piece of art behind glass, so hopefully I'll end up framing this one.  I also bought a tripod the other day with the flipcam - so i'll endeavour to get that set up today and start filming a new canvas  - the loooong skinnnny one.  I haven't measured it yet - but it has to be at least 8 feet tall!!! I've been deliberating over whether to create a landscape or portrait oriented piece - and decided to go with landscape.  I have an idea, and i'll see how it goes!  So i'll be working on two at once, finally!
Hope you're having a great day wherever you are, doing whatever life has lead you to
x donna

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