Would you like to see how i do what i do???

here's my first painting video!  it's not fancy - butlike most things in my life - i have to strike whilst the iron is hot!  well i dont know abou tany irons, but it sure was hot today!!!  Being an artist or creative and a mum of little people means you sometimes have to take the opportunities as they present themselves!  So you'll see interactions with my children as well - there's no perfect unhindered silence in this studio.  These videos will be first take only - no rehearsals and any manner of interruptions alog the way!  so i hope you like them.

Miss Moo was a bit upset and having a slight 'hissy fit' in her room - so i had to break this up into two videos and go and check that the screams weren't pain related :) (see what i mean about only doing one take lol)
ed: She was fine - it was just a misunderstanding :)

I would love some feedback if you can. Thanks for watching :)
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  1. That was so fun! You are so patient. lol Miss Moo sounds adorable and I loved all her questions and the way you just kept going while answering her. You've really put me in the mood to paint. Thank you! I love the depth and texture of your work.

  2. Thankyou so much for sharing your art and fun for life with us all, it is wonderful learning how you go about your processes and seeing your finished pieces, I love drawing and painting myself, but haven't done it in awhile. You have inspired that passion for me again. Your work is very joyous, expressive and shares special messages. Thank you for your insight, you are like a ray of sunshine and are very talented.
    I will keep watching. Plus we have the same name so it is like I was meant to find your path and inspiration. My gorgeous neighbour Camille showed me some of your Beautiful cards.
    Keep touching all our lives Donna, and may happiness find you always.

  3. This is so cool!! Great to see you at work, looking forward to the next instalment, Rachel

  4. I love it ! I can't wait for part 2, 3 and so on.... I enjoyed watching the colours emerge and bring life to the canvas. Thank you Donna -it was a pleasure to watch. :-) DVBW

  5. Hi Donna,
    I just watched you first video on ustream and I could really relate to your about me. I look forward to seeing more from you and I was also excited to see you on twitter:)

  6. It was great to see u one here Don... keep it all coming. Binnie