enjoy now with all your heart

here's the latest from my studio titled 'enjoy now with all your heart'
if there's one thing i learnt from life last year, from all the ups and downs it's this.  this life is not a dress rehearsal.  this life is short.  s.h.o.r.t  and we cannot waste time being bitter or angry or dwelling on things that may not have turned out how we would have liked.  there is always joy to be had, each and every day and i for one am trying to live by these words.  this year, i'm going to find life in the small and seemingly unimportant things.  i'm going to enjoy each and every now with all my heart.  and i hope you'll join me...
x me

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  1. She's gorgeous Don. Very appropriately worded I reckon. Love seeing some painting progress. Lots of love. Us xo