notice the sparkle and embrace your inner stork...

i've had this painting sitting around in my studio for a while, it had reached 'the ugly phase' and i just didn't have the head space to work on it or know what direction to take with it.  but yesterday i just decided to make a go of it, so i dipped my fingers in a pot of paint and had a play!  i'm really feeling very in touch with how precious all the little moments are, especially now that i have these 10 days all to myself.  i know i probably wont get another chance like this all year, and so i am relishing every tiny tasty sparkly morsel...

and on a bit of a different note...
here's another birdie painting.  i'm just inspired by bright and bold lately.  loving these colours...
this is the largest painting i've done to date.  i wasn't planning on working on this panel in landscape, but i accidentally told the framer to put the hanging wire on it that way, so it got me thinking in a new direction.  a happy accident i'd say!
the words read 'embrace your inner stork'  i wont explain, it may kill the humour!

have a happy day wont you!
x me

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  1. Oh I love both of these Don. They are so different but each so great. Really loving the birdy thing you have happening. :-)

    Yona x