last night a dear friend Miss M and i got together for some collaborative art - or collaborart (this word keeps popping up in my head !)  inspired by mati rose and kelly rae's 2009 expermentation in colaborating on a canvas together, Miss M and i joined forces for a wonderful evening and came up these to show for it.  punctuated by drinking many cups of tea and stopping for a mango break (required snack right?!) we had an awesome time.  we had purposely not arrived with any preconcieved notions or ideas about what we wanted - and just gave each other the freedom to do whatever we wanted - no mistakes right! 

as it turned out we took turns on each others' canvas, stopping when we felt we'd worked on a section/notion/idea enough, and then handing over to the other person.  and i think the results are awesome.  they're so bright and full of childlike sparkle!

it was such a freeing way to work, thinking only about the next one small part, and not being able to respond until each other had finished.  so there was not too much planning, and just lots of being in the moment and enjoying the process.  it really was awesome fun. 

we plan to do more of it too - with other friends and have even more collaborart ideas brimming, but you'll have to watch this space for those.  2010 is definitely gonna be a hot year!


and here's my finished piece! (we each took home one piece to hang on our wall)  miss M chose the word 'wonderland' for it which i totally love.  my wonderland is my studio, it's my creative space both literally and figuratively - love it!
stay tuned for more collabrart soon, x me

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