a happy wave...

despite the fact that my number 1 peep has been violently ill over most of the weekend, i am still feeling a very happy glow every time i stop to think about what an awesome opportunity it will be for me to have so much world-wide exposure, albeit one little painting!  so i'm really keen to give this little blog a facelift, and am scouting around now for a designer i think will meet my needs and help me create a space on the net that is uniquely me.  a place where i can showcase my work, and have a shopping facility as well.  so, if any of you reading this are either web designers, or can recommend a web designer to me, i would greatly appreciate it!

whilst riding my happy wave on friday night, i went to work with my muse and came up with these two little offerings...

the first one is a re-vamped canvas (do you remember the little houses all in a row?)  i really love the texture in this one, and the boab tree has been with me for a while now waiting to come out - i'm definitely going to explore these beautiful (upside down) trees further.  when you are in the kimberley, you cant help but dream, and my sleep is full of them at the moment!

and the next one reads "risky business"  because when we put our hearts out there for all to see, when we take the risk of being open and honest, or perhaps persuing a life-time dream that many think is silly or unachieveable, then we also leave ourselves wide open to  possible attack, criticism and hurt.  but, for the most part, the universe is kind, and (eventually i think hope) rewards those who take the risks with strengthened hearts and focused minds to stretch themselves to their (my) greatest potential... 

i know i'm not the worlds greatest artist, but i love making art.  and i'm so grateful that two wonderful opportunities have come my way so far this year.  Firstly, i have a 6-8 page article coming up in Australian Artists Palette magazine (i'll let you know the edition when i do - so stoked about this!) and now winning (along with 19 others)  the bookdepository bookmark competition.  so i'm learning the lesson, that putting my heart 'out there' is a good thing.  that sometimes we lose, but every now and then we have a win.  the key is, you've just got to leap forward and take those risks...


  1. They are both lovely. I love the one with the heart hanging "out there" on the branch, expressing the vulnerability we have as we put our hearts "out there". Lovely work.

  2. Hi again Donna, just camer from Willowing,, love your blog Sweetie and I especailly love your lil' birdies...Do pop over to mine, i'd be thrilled and add on as a follower, If its okay with you i will at yours... Thanks again for your comments,,,Big Hugs Dena

  3. Ooooh, I'm so glad that you have a blog--I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your art!!