ok - no apologies from me about using caps in the heading today, because i can hardly contain myself with this FANTASTIC news!!!!!!!  check this out...  i am totally excited, amazed, grateful, did i say excited? pumped to the absolute max and i can hardly believe that one of my paintings is going to be delivered out to... hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of people!!!!!!!  yeeeehaaaaaaaaaa!!!!  wooooooohooooo!!!!

*breathe* (in, out, in, out) ok...

thebookdepository ran a competition last month, whereby you could submit a painting to be in the running to be used as one of the shops' bookmarks.  they ran a similar competition last year amongst illustrators which was a huge success, and so then opened it up to the public.  I thought about it early on in the piece, and then put it aside thinking no... and then, as fate would have it, i decided the night before the closing date to enter.  i submitted about 8 entries, sent a little prayer out into the universe and then left it at that.

then tonight, i get this in my inbox...

Dear Donna
Congratulations! We have chosen your bookmark design as one of those that we’re going to print up and send out with all our books.
Thank you for the fantastic effort you put into your design, we had a tough time choosing and had over 600 entries from all around the world. In fact there were so many good ones we chose 20 winners in the end rather than 10.
You can see all of the winners gathered together on www.BookDepository.co.uk/bookmarkwinners we’ll start to print these in the next few weeks, so your bookmark should be being sent out by the end of February. In the meantime Thames and Hudson will select your prize books and we’ll also get them sent to you during February.
Well done again,


so there you have it.  this is the image that will be made into bookmarks and sent 'out there' for thousands of people to see it, and i can hardly believe this is true :)

so, a very big, grateful heartfelt thankyou goes out from me to the bookdepository ( and did i mention how much i love this shop?  just ask my bank balance how much!)  for choosing my design.  i truly am so very thankful and completely over the moon.

ps - thebookdepository.com has free international shipping - you should try it!
pps - no, they did not ask me to say that ;)


  1. you would be the only one surprised Donna. you are an amazing talent - more power to you. congrats xxx

  2. You have been given a special gift Donna, and you're putting it right out there for others to appreciate and enjoy. Congratulations many times over, it's great news!! xoxo Steph (down the road!)

  3. Congrats Donna!! You need to have more faith in yourself girl .... I'm not at all suprised that they chose one of your designs ... who wouldn't once they've laid eyes on them.
    Congrats again xxx

  4. oh wow!!! congrats Donna :))) I am not suprised about you winning at all :)
    Will have to go check out the book depository now :)

  5. That is exciting. I love your artwork for the bookmark - I can see why they would choose it. Congratulations.

  6. Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppppppppppppppeeeeeee!!!! Woot woot woot !!! Well done good on you!!! fame is just around the corner! x

  7. So excited and happy for you Donna! Congratulations, such fabulous news makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! :)

  8. Congratulations Donna. 20 out of 600!!! That is just fantastic!!