love tenderley, now...

well, here 'tis!  the before and after photos.   i experimented yesterday with some spray paint and some groovy stencils that i've had in my scrapbook stash not knowing what to do with and that was it, i was hooked!  if it's not nailed to the floor then you can be sure it will get spray painted!  i've attacked all the paintings that are unfinished with spray paint as well, it really is addictive!  so blog friends, what do you think?  does it look better?

x me


  1. It most certainly does. Good thinking. Miss you xo

  2. The stencilling looks great and really adds to the overall effect. Well done you! :-)
    Hope the weekend goes well. Catch up next week.
    Love, Me x

  3. Such a cute bird and I really like the long legs.

  4. I really love this! Will you be selling it?

  5. hello anonymous - yes definitely the birdie is for sale :)