a penny for my thoughts please...

have been doing lots of soul-searching lately about what direction to go with my art.  am feeling as though my 'voice' isn't there, and have hit a bit of a conteplative cloud square on.  wondering why we paint what we do, make the choices we do, and the style we have.  probably feeling a little tender at the moment with a few anniversaries coming up and special days that were once special but now less so.  and in all of this, trying to remold and re-fashion these memories into something still beautiful and yet different, so i can keep them with me and smile at them rather than cry :)  

a little illusive i know, but the details aren't important.  just that we find ourselves in these times that make us stop and think deeply about where we are, and which direction we're going to take next.  and all of this collides with our creative selves to place new challenges in our paths.  

for me, my art is almost always a reflection of where i'm at in my life journey, and comes out in each and every piece...
so these moments are integral to me.  working out who i am now, and how i respond to these little hurdles, the decisions i make about how i will react to these memories/feelings etc are so important because it continually redefines more and more of who i am, and what i paint and why...

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  1. Oh Don ... hugs coming your way.

    Use your experiences and your feelings to help your art, and let everything just flow out of you however it needs to. These new faces/girls are just absolutely stunning. Sometimes the pain and tears are needed to break through to the next phase (speaking from experience here!). Before you know it, things start to make sense, and you are walking a different path and in a happier place - which you just couldn't imagine from a day/week/month/year before.

    Life is such a journey, and it's about taking the good and the bad and moulding it into something beautiful ... not necessarily "forgetting" the painful/difficult bits - but being able to use them to shape your journey forward.

    Does that even make sense? Probably not, but it feels right for me personally at the moment.

    Hang in there gorgeous girl. Life has so much wonderful stuff in store for you. Step into it, embrace it, and enjoy the ride!

    Love ya,
    Yona x