when the peeps are away, the mum will play!

finally, i've made it back in to the studio...  it seems like forever since i've painted, well maybe not forever, but a very long time.  it is so hard to balance being a full-time mother and all that comes with that, and finding some time to actually be creative.  actually, finding the time isn't that difficult, i have the evening hours when the peeps are in bed, but i'm always so tired...  so it's a total blessing to have thse 12 days all to myself (the peeps are visiting family with their dad) and in the studio for extended periods of time.  this is my first piece i started yesterday and finished today to get me in the swing of things and i actually really like it.  it's a fun piece and i think i'll really play some more with bright bold colours - lovin those.  i've also been wanting to experiment with fabric on my art as well - so hopefully will have something to show with that really soon.
thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world.  x me


  1. Keep grabbing every moment you can Donna. I turn 50 next year and still have difficulty grabbing studio time. A constant juggle!! Art vs family!!

    Have a great 2010 with lots more of your beautiful paintings!!

  2. That is such a fun and whimsical painting. Make the most of your studio time - there is never enough. If you are anything like me it is right down the bottom of my list, sigh.