creativity knows no bounds...

jus been surfing the web for a little creative inspiration and came across piece mama's blog.  i post the link as it's the only reference to this most amazing piece of art - check it out!  is that not the most amazing piece of quilting you've ever seen?  i dont know who the artist is - but that is one talented and patient person!

but if sea-scapes aren't your cup of tea, perhaps a bit of motor-vation is more you!  i've only ever made one quilting project in my life - a table runner which i am quite proud of - and if there were an extra 5 hours in every day i would definitely do more quilting.  the creative possibilities are quite endless ( who would have guessed, a car jacket?),  but one can only do so much!

got any funky finds off the net today?  post a link in the comments and spread the inspiration around!
thanks for stopping by, x me

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