I'm not lost...

i've been a naughty blogger (slap hand) i know...  but really, being the lead-up to christmas i do have an excuse dont i?!  the peeps and i have made the trip to perth for a friend's wedding on saturday which i am so lookin forward to.  and i've been able to make some final christmas purchases too.  now, if you are a painter i have a question for you...

i have been wanting to varnish/seal my paintings for some time now, but as i use both oil and acrylic paint, this has proved a little more difficult to resolve - apparently there are different varnishes for both.  what to do???  i have been advised (after many conversations with shop owners etc) that i need to use an isolating medium and then something like MSA by Golden over the top.  so.  i want to know if there is one product out there that i can use rather than two?  the isolating medium takes 3 days to dry - and then the varnish more again.  there must be another way!  

so if you've come across this problem before, i'd love to know how you resolved it!

i am loving the build up to christmas and cant wait to make our christmas biscuits next week with the peeps.  but as with every year, i so WISH i was having a white christmas!  i read a blog post today and the author wrote that it was cold and dark by 4pm...  here it's still light at 7pm!  well, the summer evenings are nice - but oh it would be lovely to snuggle up in front of a fire with a warm cup of milo and a good book!

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  1. There is only one problem...no Milo in Canada...I am having it shipped to us.

  2. I wish you Merry christmas and Happy new year by Beatrice "Ricciolo Creativo"