baby steps...

the other day i picked these up from the printer - my new bookmarks!  and i have to say - i'm really impressed with the quality - these are the rolls royce of bookmarks i'm telling you!  and if you're not really a reader - these would be a really bright and gorgeous piece of fridge art!
there's heaps of ideas swimming around in my head - but i just find that lately i have no time...  i am always so tired!  with little ones up at 5 oclock in the mornings - the days are long - and all i really would love is an extended time in the studio...  but that is coming - just around the corner in fact.  in january, i'll have 10 uninterrupted days to create to my heart's content!  in the mean time, if you would like to purchase any of my items: card packs, individual cards, prints or bookmarks, either head over to my ETSY store, or feel free to contact me via email: donnaheart@westnet.com.au

now - for a giveaway!
one lucky reader will win a pack of my 6 cards - blank inside for your message
and another, a set of my new four bookmarks.

all you have to do is leave a comment below and i'll draw the winner on friday night.
here's the catch:  in one sentence, write down your most treasured memory of christmas.
i cant wait to hear your thoughts,
take care, and thanks heaps for dropping by,
x donna


  1. Ooooh, I get to be first!
    My most treasured memory is waking up on Christmas morning to a big Santa sack FULL of pressies - then dragging it into Mum and Dad's bedroom and watching the joy on Mum's face as I open all the goodies.
    Yona x :-)

  2. My most treasured memory of Christmas is my whole extended family at my Grandparents house for Christmas lunch BBQ and Santa would come and give us kids all presents.

  3. I always loved going to Midnight Mass as a child... We would go to bed early, then get woken up "in the middle of the night", get dressed and go off to the magical world of night-time mass with candles and carols and wonder and awe...

  4. My most treasured memory of Christmas as a child is my sister and I writing a letter to Santa explaining that we were having Christmas at our grandparents house (1200kms away) instead of our own, and that we so badly wanted Cabbage Patch Dolls for Christmas - and being totally overjoyed that Santa managed to find us and deliver us our Cabbage Patch Dolls safe and sound ...

  5. Having family and some neighbours around who had no family in Perth and opening all the gifts and just thoroughtly enjoying each others company.

  6. My mum, she would light up a room with her flashing Christmas hat, earrings and badge and her spirit she was such a dag...I MISS YOU MUM!

  7. Hey Don,
    My fav memory is the live christmas tree dropping pine needles on our carpet, roast lunch in Mullewa's 40 degree heat, and my santa that I made at kindy taking pride of place on our Xmas tree!
    Loving your work hun!
    Melis CorbettX

  8. My most vivid memory of Christmas is walking home from children's mass at St. Gerards wearing my Christmas dress, yellow with white spots (and if you know me a dress doesn't happen that often)! I remember looking up at the stars wondering about the how they found Jesus using the Christmas Star!

  9. My most treasured memory of Christmas was when I was in my 20s and it was just my Mum, brother, sister and me. We slothed around all day, ate a big lunch and slothed some more. It was simple and it was good.