i love christmas.  i really do.  i love the smells, the anticipation, the family customs and traditions.  i love that it brings people together, if only for a short while.  i love that the core of the human soul - the part inside us all that likes to show love and care comes out to play this time of the year.  i really love christmas...

this year is the first time really that my little girl 'gets it' she really gets the whole thing.  the presents, the reason behind the giving, the wrapping and not telling the reciever what it is, the anticipation and the waiting.  it's so good!  and little brother who is always in tow and mimicks her every move is starting to get it too.  so it's so much fun to be starting some new traditions and continuing with some old with these two munchkins contributing to it all. 

we always put our tree up on the first of december and take it down on the 31st and this was the first year that DD dressed it entirely herself (except the lights - i had to help there).  we play Bing Crosby christmas carols, wear santa hats and enjoy rediscovering each of the ornaments all over again. 

this year we started a new tradition of making spiced biscuits in christmas shapes.  these will be both for treats at home and gifts as well.  and of course santa will have some left out for him as well!  and speaking of santa and his sweet tooth, did you know he also likes beer?  this is a tradition from my husbands' childhood and it will definitely live on in our family.  the chidlren went outside to pick lovely fresh green grass to put on a plate, topped with lovely fresh carrots for the reindeer.  and because father christmas has to travel in the australian heat, it stands to reason of course that he would no doubt be mighty thirsty and the only beverage worth quenching a dry thirst here is of course beer. two i might add, it's really, really hot (so the husband says).

there is of course presents as well.  from each of us, and from father christmas too.  the presents that FC leaves under the tree are (as of this christmas) wrapped only in silver and gold ( they look so much  more special compared to all the others) whilst the others are wrapped in all the bright colours! and we went through all the book boxes and pulled out our favourite christmas stories to read before bed as well.  the nativity (of course!) 6 white boomers (an absolute must read) merry christmas stinky face ( i LOVE LOVE this book) and my absolute favourite, Night Tree (by eve bunting)

so there you have it folks, a little snap shot into christmas at our house.  lunch with the family tomorrow ( prawns or lobster this year?  cant wait!) and then lolling around all afternoon wondering why we all ate too much.  it will be hot, probably really windy too.  and although i do love summer time, i do wish that one year i'll be able to experience the magic of a white christmas. 

peace to you all,
x donna

in the morning we'll be eating pancakes as well (honestly - is there any other way to mark a special occassion?)

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  1. We mark special occasions with pancakes for breakfast too. This year my eldest daughter finally confessed secretly to me that she doesn't really believe in Santa anymore. But she helped me with the whole charade still for my 9 year old. I don't think SHE'LL ever stop believing.