little canvases

just a quick update to show you two more little canvases (or boards actually) that i finished off last night.  i have some really large boards which i'm working on now of some more beautiful australian kimberley inspired pieces.  i'm exploring images in my minds eye and ones taken by myself for a series of boab and landscape paintings  - and it all started with this one here...  so be sure to pop back in soon to have a look at those!  in the mean time - if you'd like a print of any of my paintings, feel free to contact me through email or etsy - as i haven't yet loaded up all the prints that are available to you at the shop just yet...

i choose brave
8 x10 mixed media on claybord
i choose (to be) brave is a mantra i have had whirring around in my brain this year, and here it has surfaced  and spilled out onto this little canvas as an outward reminder to me, that i need to actually choose to be and live brave - rather than thinking it is a quality that one either does or doesn't possess...

awesome love
8x10 mixed media on claybord

i just love all the colours in this one, (yes, i am still revelling in my Claudine Helmuth paints - scraping out the meagre offerings left inside...) it is so full of energy and life!  this is the type of love that knows no bounds, and for me that is the love between my children and i. really. really. awesome


  1. Gorgeous. Love the vibrant colours you have used.

  2. These are all very cool, Donna--love those vibrant colors!!