kapoc love

ok - so i've just started this canvas tonight.  i should be in bed.  i am soo tired.  but once i started it i just.couldn't.stop.  it was like i was in the zone, you know how sometimes when you paint time just stands still?  like the dome of silence, except mine had ABBA hits pounding away in the background ;)
anyhoo - you may remember a while back i posted about this little seed pod which i knew was going to fire up my muse at some point in the not-so-distant future???  well here 'tis - my kapoc/flora s bowley inspired ever so BIG canvas!  well, it's big for me at least.  and you know what?  I think i could get used to this 'up-sizing' thang.  stay tuned for an update ;)
x me

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  1. I really love how the paint is dripping down the canvas.