live your dream...

hi folks!  just thought i'd post the latest from my studio this week.  as mentioned before, i want to explore more of my experiences from living in the kimberley, and one of the things that stands out in my memories are the magestic, yet very quirky boab trees.  these guys are so hardy and grow in the most amazing places.  i've seen them sticking out of rock faces - seriously. this painting, as with many of mine, started out as an image inmy minds eye, and turned out completely different!  it was supposed to be all tones of white and greys on the left hand side merging into colour - but something else happened along the way, and well, this is it!  obviously not a realistic painting, but it depicts the excitement and energy of a dream just breaking through into the realms of possibility - just like that baby boab tree emerging from the nut.  and with the warmth and light and all good things, it will become that awesome magical, mystical and solid tree... 

i haven't yet put this up on my etsy shop for sale, but will do that tonight. 
take care, bye for now!
x me


  1. Donna, this is beautiful--I just love the way you put these together--a very creative soul!!

  2. Kimberley dreaming- love it Don x