a little bit o' randomness

i just love this colour green for a wall.  one day, when i get my own place, i'm going to paint a wall this colour.  maybe it's the contrast of the bright yellow boots, or the beautiful hand woven coloured baskets.  the spray of flowers, or the way the light dances across the wall.  either way, i just like it alot...

btw, i'm making laksa for dinner tonight.   haven't had it for years.  told you this was random, x me


  1. this is one of my favorite colors--what's laksa??

  2. Boo's room is almost that colour, although perhaps a bit more sage-greeny! Visit and sit in there enjoying the green whenever you like (although I can't vouch that it will be a TIDY, restful, room! LOL).

    Yona x

  3. Ha. I have this image. I think it's from "body and soul" magazine. I journaled about how lovely and serene this image is. :D

    What is Laksa? How did it come out?