trusting my journey and a business plan

it seems that starting something is far easier than keeping it going...  well this is my road hump at the moment - and the somewhat simple task of writing a business plan (how hard can it be with a business as small as mine?)  is appearing looming ahead of me like a gloomy dark mountain.  history has it that once i "pull my finger out" and just get it done, i find myself wondering what all the fuss was about, so i'm trying to learn from lessons past.  on the flip side i'm very excited to have finally made a decision about who to design my new website.  so watch this space folks, hopefully in a months time there will be a funky new face of donna heart on the web - i'm really, very excited about this! 
and tonight i celebrate the 18000'th visitor to my site (actually i think it was me - oops!)  ok - so 18000 visitors then - still pretty happy 'bout that one!
well, i have a comission next to set my mind to so looking forward to that one.  and tomorrow folks - yes tomorrow I WILL do my business plan.  Friday is TV day in our house and the peeps get to choose 45 mins each so i will buckle down then and get the good part of it done. 
hold me to it will you?

x donna

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  1. Brought Tom to bed and thought ... take some time to check emails and see what`s new on on your side. I really can understand your doubts about this business plan. I had to do mine last year. I started 3 times ... but then it was just perfect. And looking back ... honestly, it wasnt worth all that doubts. I could have it done already the first time proper. Forget all the fuss about it and just do it. You only need the peace of mind. Result was that I got the benefit from the state ... money for "person setting up his own business". Means monthly financial benefit for 15 months. It`s really worth ! Good luck !