Kapoc Love Day Two

so this is how far i got last night with this painting, and i'm really quite happy with it so far!  It's a whole new world when you start painting on a large canvas, and something i've discovered is that i need new brushes, bigger ones!!!  I have one large brush which isn't enough when i've got two colours going at the same time!    Just doing a little research on tonal values and think i'll need to be more mindful of that as i go along, and also really reallt want to get stuck into some colour theory, and become more purposeful in ho wi choose colours (rather than just random!!!)  Although intuition is a great thing, mixed with some knowledge would definitely give me more breadth and width in terms of knowing where i want to go with the painting.  I know i want to use some gold leaf in this one, and either some smaller seed pods or some birds as well.  I think it is somewhere around 70% complete.  perhaps...

so what are you up to in the studio?  take some photos, post a link, i'd love to see your journey as well!

x me
Post script: when i lived in the kimberley i was amazed at these Kapoc trees - with their beautiful yellow flowers and fluffy filling cascading out of popped seed pods.  The seed pods themselves are amazing - some round and ball-shaped, and others like little birds with tiny beaks.  I took photos of them and now after about 8 years they are finally finding life on my canvas.  the realisation is that sometimes a dream takes a while to blossom, but it always does when the time is right...

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