My New Painter BFF's

a few nights ago i had dinner with an old bff and watched Mama Mia (with Meryl Streep) and remembered just how much i have always loved ABBA.  so i've just downloaded the 'best of' and am humming away as i type this post to "Chiquitita"  hmmmm 'how i hate to see you like this, there is no way you can deny it..."  not sure if i've ever listened too intently to these lyrics, but just love the melody!  i digress...

Speaking of BFF's... i serendipitously stumbled across some absolutely beautiful paitings/artists last night.  have you heard of Reed Danziger?  or Stephanie Toppin, or Jennifer Scott Mclaughlin?  I wont be surprised if I'm the last to know (really, i'm usually a bit late on the uptake lol!)  but if you haven't - just check out their work below - and then click on the links and feast on the rest of their amazing creations - aahhhhh such wonderful free flowing beauty - just love it!  oh!  and how could i forget?  Flora S Bowley?!  (slap hand) what i wouldn't give for a pinky finger of her talent - breathtaking!

here's a taste...

Stephanie Toppin

Jennifer Scott McLaughlin

Reed Danziger

and last but not least Ms Flora.

aren't they just amazing...

thanks for stopping by - let's know where you're from - i'd love to hear from you :)

x donna

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