Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I had no intention of staying up this late but I realised I hadn't finished off my 52 week card challenge. I hate the thought of 2007 things going into 2008 - after all, that's why these things are called challenges! So, I stayed up to finish the last 7 cards, and managed to do so at 5 minutes to 12! Here's my stash - and it's a nice little collection of my thoughts and feelings on all sorts of themes - a sort of snapshot of me in the year 2007. Thanks to Emily Falconbridge for the inspiration - it feels good to stick at something, to see it through to completion (note to self, do this more often...)

And here's a CJ that I finished today - It's Mummabear's Simple Pleasures - I quite like it...

And here's a layout I've been meaning to finish for ages - as you can see Millie is only 1 here. But I really love this photo of her with her Nana and Pop, so had to get it done. A bit of a slack scrap - using those lovely papers, but I think it's simplicity is nice.

For all of you who have stopped by to have a look at my bits and bob's, who've read my ramblings (I try and keep it short) and peroused my pics, thankyou. It was lovely to have you pop in from time to time, I do enjoy your company. Please know you are always welcome at my cyber door - I'd love to see your face again this year! May your year ahead be filled with health, happiness, lots of fun and adventure (always MUST HAVE adventure), laughter and good times shared with family and friends. If you're a resolution maker, I hope you manage to achieve them - it's always good to plan and challenge yourself - it produces growth. I know for me, I'm calling the Australian College tomorrow and enrolling in a Diploma of Graphic art and Design (there - I've said it - it's out there!) and thus begins my 5 year plan to be out of teaching for good. My goal is that by the time Toby reaches year 1, I will have a business running from home as a freelance graphic artist. Wow - it's the first time I've seen it written down - powerful stuff!

So have a wonderful ride - make sure you end up skidding in at the end with a glass of wine in your hand, a smile on your face and having had the time of your life.

Best of luck! Happy New Year! x Me


  1. cant wait to hear about this course donna..loving your layouts chicky..and happy new year to you

  2. omg.........I love that tin!! You've inspired me to start one of the challenges going around and finish it!! Way to bring 2007 to a close!!

  3. Donna,

    I found your blog via Jen Halls current class and have discovered someone else who has done the 52 week Emily Falconbridge challenge! Well done you for finishing. I too completed this little journey and am chuffed that I did.

    Lovely blog btw :)