Hi everyone. Just wanted to avert your attention to one of the links in my photographic section - Gallery 12. Pop over and have a look in the Gallery. It's the showcase for the photos of the 52 week Digi Challenge - an idea I came up with a few weeks ago.

There's 12 photographers - myself included and each week we take a photo which is our interpretation of a weekly theme. The idea is for visitors to vote for their favourite weekly photo by leaving a message with their favourite number in the comments section. For example, if number 5 is your fave photo, then simply write "5" in the comments section, it's that easy!

At the end of the year, we hope to have been popular enough to have a winning photographer who can feel all warm and cozy with the Innaugural title of 2008 Digi Challenge Chic!

So, please go and have a look. There's some warm-up challenge photos there and the first challenge for the year has been posted - Brand New. The photos will all be up in the Gallery by Friday evening, so voting can start next weekend. We'd love your input, so please bookmark the site and pop over each weekend for a walk through Gallery 12.

And from me, here's a few more layouts for the kids' albums. The red one...Hmm, not sure what I was thinking with those 'spatula trees' but - hey, I don't have time to redo anything! The Spatula Trees will have to stay for now! I think my favourite is "We." Again, an older pic of Toby, but one of my faves.

Thanks for stopping by, x Me


  1. omg he's adoreable ..i can see your in love !!!so sweet .all your new layouts are fabo,your journallling really inspires me...sorry im not visiting more ..i think i need to get that notification thing happening...
    hope you had a fabulous christmas

  2. oh double yay for your ingenious idea with Gallery 12 --- and how cute is he -- a real bit of eye candy for the girlies when he grows up -- adn always smiling -- its noice to have a happy baby. Catch u on the other side....