A Bush Christmas

Here's some pics of our Christmas day. We couldn't have asked for amore perfect day - it rained from about 10 am onwards. It was cool, wet, breezy and lifted everyone's spirits in town. Right now this piece of Oz is green as and there's water everywhere - we are so lucky. This was Toby's first christmas - and I think he had a great time! Millie calls the tree a Grimace tree which is so cute, and even santa is called "Grimace". Hope you all had a lovely day too. X Me

Lovin' the Chrissy Tree

The stock standard family shot in front of the tree. I think this will become a tradition and I look forward to comparing each year as they roll by...

A christmas kiss...

Toby's first christmas

The beautiful rain...

Every little boy needs a tractor and a rock...

Our Happy Jack.

No present is complete unless it included Thomas the Tank engine! This $3 magazine was her favourite gift.
This is the look of awe and wonder as she realised it was the magazine!

A giant floor puzzle. This look cracks me up - it's a look that says "I'm not sure what it is, but I think it will be fun!"


  1. All i can say is thank goodness for the rain - cause my lawn looks way cool.... thank goodness for thomas... for makin a girl smile and thank goodness for family photos - cause all we have from yesterday is our memories and how beautiful to show them to others... have a great holiday with the family donski.

  2. what fabulous shots donna..i just love tobys smile so much..
    your photos and news always makes me happy