It's Beginning...

Hi everyone - well finally we have our tree up! I had to buy a new tree this year - a much smaller one that would fit on top of our meat safe so that it was safely out of reach of tiny hands which love to grab shiny lights! So here's a peep at our little but lovely tree. I'm looking forward to the day when it will actually look as though it's been dressed by little people as well. I think at the moment it looks too ordered and neat!
I've only ever had one cold Christmas in the USA - Pensylvania, but every year I miss the cool and Christmas smells and lights that the Americans do so well! The past week has delivered daily temperatures between 38 and 42, so it's a far cry from a northern hemisphere Christmas! I often wonder why we Aussies still have pictures and ornaments of snow-clad children on sleighs, Father Christmas in his big red suit and all these winter wonderland decorations - it's such a tease. And how many Aussies even have a pine tree growing in their yard?

Anyway - I have some news for those of you would be interested... Mac has just gotten a new job and we're moving back to WA!!! Yes, you heard right - to the beautiful Geraldton, which is about 500km north of Perth and ON THE COAST - Yeeha! He'll be working with the WA Dept of Agriculture as a Biosecurity Officer - project manager for all things biosecurity ie ferral foxes, pigs, goats, weeds pests and diseases. Not that disimilar to the work he was doing with AQIS whilst in Broome. He starts on Feb 4th, so the clock is ticking and I'll probably fly over with the kidlets around mid Jan, which is only a month away!
Looking forward to living in the same town as my Bro and his gorgeous family, being near the beach, and having lots of great activities to do with Millie and Toby such as swimming, museums, theatres, galleries, playgounds, and even footpaths (believe it or not they dont have any in Longreach) so we can get back to walking with the pram. I'll even get to put my bike trailor into action and pull the kidlets around town whilst getting some long-awaited exercise.
But obviously the main drawcard for us is that we will now have extended family living nearby for us all to enjoy - with the rest only a half -day's drive away. I'll really miss my beautiful homestead here, and all our wonderful space (it's been a life long dream to have it). We'll be going back into suburbia, on a tiny block - but I know it will be worth the move. I certainly wont miss this heat though! Here's a few snaps of my home - if she was a person I'm sure she'd be a kindred spirit...

Thanks for stopping by, luv Me x


  1. what fabbo news -- yippee for you - well except for the packing bit ...thats no fun ...and then the unpacking ...but yippee ...on the coast with family - a dream come true -- catchya later alligator!

  2. Love your christmas decorations! so cute!